"Not only does he know how to rock, he cares deeply about the learning process...If you're shopping around for a reliable tutor or jam partner, look no further. Deadass." - Mary McCoy Wizard Hunter

"John’s extraordinary musicality, versatility and proficiency put him in league with either the gods or the devil; hard to say which! Plus he’s one of the funniest (and funnest) bastards I’ve had the pleasure to share a stage with!" - Lynne Taylor Rockwood Taylor, Halo and the Harlots

“Simply put, John is an incredible bass player and teacher. He is versed in many styles and techniques. His knowledge of music theory is vast as well. Thankfully he is one of the rare accomplished musicians that also has a natural teaching ability that is both guiding and kind while remaining challenging enough to push your musical boundaries beyond your current capabilities.” - Jim McCarthy - Skunk Ruckus, Sawtooth Troubadours